Wednesday June 19th Practical Discipleship service will be online only due to VBS June 17-21 at the Aberdeen location. To watch, click here:


RockFish Church offers Next Steps Classes every Sunday at 12:10 pm with a few exceptions. These classes are designed to help you learn about RockFish Church and to grow in your walk with Jesus. Within these classes you’ll find the answers to the “where, how and to whom” questions using the gifts, talents, and passions God placed in you.

Starting Point

Discover ‘Starting Point’ at RockFish Church, a concise four-session series held every Sunday at 12:10 PM. This class provides insights into the church’s mission, values, beliefs, and opportunities for engagement. Starting Point is ideal for anyone new to RockFish or seeking a deeper connection. Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and fellowship this Sunday. Childcare is provided, and you are welcome to start anytime. Visit a Welcome Center to sign up! 

Equipping Point

Equipping Point is a 6-week class designed to prepare you for productive engagement in ministry (serving other believers), mission (reaching the community and the lost), and maturity (personal growth in a healthy and consistent manner). Equipping point is designed to help you connect with the resources and opportunities available at RockFish Church. Visit a Welcome Center to sign up!