Midweek Update-August 19

Outreach Challenge
Become a digital Missionary! Post an inspiring story, either from a personal experience or from an organization, that is making a difference in the community. The media feeds are full of negativity, let’s fill it up with testimonies of God’s goodness. And hey – post pics if you have them! 😊

Small Group Host Sign Up
The spirit of God is calling out to His people, and the cry is extreme obedience. This study is going to help us move from complacent, “well-meaning” Christians, to Radical Disciples of Jesus. Be a part of something more! LEARN MORE & SIGN UP.

RockFish Students                                                                                                                                                                        Is your child officially a middle or high school student? RockFish Students meets every Friday evening at 6:30pm in the worship center at the Raeford campus! This youth-centered service has upbeat worship, games and prizes, a message, and small group breakout session! Have a question? Email Students@RockFishChurch.com!