Rock Classes

RockFish Church offers Rock Classes every Sunday at 12:10 pm with a few exceptions. These classes are designed to help you learn about RockFish Church and to grow in your walk with Jesus. Within these classes you’ll find the answers to the “where, how and to whom” questions using the gifts, talents, and passions God placed in you.

Discovering your purpose in God is one of the most exciting adventures you’ll every have!


Starting Point

Rock 101 is the first step to becoming connected to RockFish Church. At this class you will have the opportunity to meet the Senior Pastor, Tony McVickers, and discuss various beliefs, systems and goals. Rock 101 is held in room 1. 



Rock 201 is all about growing deeper and more in love with Jesus. This class teaches how to make personal time for God, what it means to be a disciple, and how we can obey Him! 



In Rock 301, you will have the opportunity to take a personality test and a spiritual gifts test to help you best understand the way God has wired you! You will also learn about the various ministries at RockFish and get connected in the ones that fit you!



Rock 401 is held as a conference. This one day seminar, will provide resources and tools for sharing your faith with those that you encounter every day. For more information please call (910) 875-5680.