RockFish Church Covid 19 Update – Aug 12

Aug 12, 2020 | COVID-19, News

We are experiencing difficult and uncertain times. COVID 19 has brought with it many new and unique challenges. Our hope is to provide certainty in an uncertain season, the certainty of an open building, real relationships, and the in-person encouragement that is so vital. Doing this responsibly will require all of our cooperation.
We must:1. Understand the risks
2. Take responsibility for ourselves
3. Consider othersFor the vast majority of people, Covid-19 is not a major event, however, for some it can have dangerous and deadly results. Please pray for those at risk or recovering.

Stated by Tim and Kim Pyles is another family that went through the uneasiness of being instructed to stay isolated because of Covid-19. Tim and his son both somehow contracted the virus, and Kim’s response to the difficult circumstance was to remain strong in faith and stated. “I was frightened, it has nothing to do with faith. You’re sleepy. You start to think about things you shouldn’t, and you just pray and have a constant dialogue with God about the situation.” During the trials in life, we must remember to talk to God especially when we’re surrounded by doubt and fear.

RockFish Church has been very blessed to have experienced minimal impact. We have implemented mandatory temperature checks for all staff and volunteers in order to minimize the potential spread of the virus. Any volunteer or staff member with a fever is asked to return after 3 days with no fever. And we disinfectant regularly and offer hand sanitizer in multiple areas.

As always, encourage you to exercise wisdom and behave in a manner that you deem best for yourself and those around you. We ask that you abstain from attending if you are symptomatic. It is our goal that you make a well-informed decision when choosing to attend RockFish Church locations.


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