Point of Contact

Laura Whittington

There are four different areas this ministry covers: Welcome Centers, golf cart, coffee and tea, and greeting at the doors. You can choose just one of the areas, or you can rotate if you don’t have a preference. We are present during all the services, take your pick of which one! Typically scheduled about twice a month or more, depending on your preference.

We create a warm and distraction free environment for guests and members to feel the Holy Spirit. There is no special skill you need, no prior experience required. All you need is a love for God’s people and a desire to see them experience life change!

Get Involved

Fill out the form below and you will be contact by the ministry promoter for this serving opportunity.

You will need to make sure you have completed Starting Point 101 and are an active member, and you have completed a volunteer application

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding membership or the volunteer application process. 

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