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Jeff Hoglen

RockFish Church current has 8 outreach teams that help the local community in various ways. Learn more about RockFish Missions & Outreach here. Below is a brief description of the teams.

Direct Evangelism: This outreach team is on mission to share the gospel in everyday circumstances and places with people who do not know Jesus.  Willing to interact with strangers and can love those that don’t love you sign up for this team.

Disaster Relief: Do you have the skill or willing to learn skills to meet the needs that natural disasters and unforeseen tragedies may incur. Disaster relief is crucial for bringing hope when situations seem hopeless.

Event: Enjoy gatherings? Join this team to help spread the gospel at events held in various local venues. Meet new people and introduce them to your friend who sticks closer than a brother…. Jesus.

Global:  Are you available to go into the world and spread the gospel? Have you got your passport or are you willing to get your passport? Join this team and see where God sends you.

Homeless: Preparing for monthly outreaches and being available to touch the lives of those who find themselves in a place of physical, emotional, and spiritual need. The Homeless Outreach team is the perfect fit.

Military/Vet: Do you want to support our military community? This team participates at special military events to show our support and share Jesus with soldiers/veterans and their families.

Nursing Home Outreach: Visiting those who may feel lonely and disconnected can make a huge impact. Join this team to make a difference.

Pro-Life: There are opportunities to go into the mission field as followers of Jesus Christ with the tools to effectively pray and minister to those who are contemplating abortion. This team equips members to go in the safety of a group and share the Pro-Life message of Jesus Christ.


Get Involved

Fill out the form below and you will be contact by the ministry promoter for this serving opportunity.

You will need to make sure you have completed Starting Point 101 and are an active member, and you have completed a volunteer application

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding membership or the volunteer application process. 

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