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Annie McVickers

There are many opportunities for your kids here at RockFish Church! RockFish Kids is offered for ages 2 years old- 5th grade. There is also nursery for babies up to 24 months old.

What to know as a volunteer:

  • All materials are prepared for you. You will receive a lesson packet to review at home.
  • Print your volunteer sticker using the kiosk in the hall in front of the Starting Point classroom and wear it at all times while serving.
  • Only persons with security stickers are allowed in the children’s classroom area.
  • Meet for teacher prayer and announcements in modular classroom A-1 prior to children’s release.
  • Check all children’s security stickers for accuracy as kids enter the classroom each service.
  • Children wearing plain white security stickers without the RockFish Church logo are first time guests.
  • Keep the restroom door open when assisting a child in the restroom.
  • RULE OF THREE: always travel in a group of three or more. NEVER be alone with a child.
  • Once you receive your attendance clipboard, keep it with you on the playground and during emergency situations like a fire or lock down.
  • Notify the service coordinators at the children’s check-in table of any needs. They can assist when paging a parent.
  • Match the parent’s security number to the child’s security number during dismissal. Never release a child without a matching security number or matching photo id from the parent.

Visit the RockFish Kids page here.

Get Involved

Fill out the form below and you will be contact by the ministry promoter for this serving opportunity.

You will need to make sure you have completed Starting Point 101 and are an active member, and you have completed a volunteer application

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding membership or the volunteer application process. 

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