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Pastor Nathan Stanley
RockGroups Host

Hosting a RockGroup:
You set the time, days, place, and demographic of your meeting! For example: You are a young mom who wants to start a group. You have a goal to create an environment where the tots can play while mom’s get some grown up conversation! You decide to start a group that meets at a local park on Tuesday mornings at 10am. The kids can play while the moms can fellowship!

What does HOST represent?
Have a HEART for People
You need to OPEN your Home
It is a great idea to Serve SNACKS
and for most studies you must Turn on the TV!

Second, make sure your group is a safe place! Remind people that what is said in the group must stay there! Don’t share things you learn within the group.

Third, take time to know each other! Groups become strong because of the relationships they create.

Pray for each other. This maybe a little weird at first but ask for prayer request and then take the time to pray for people.

Learn more about RockFish Groups here.

Get Involved

Fill out the form below and you will be contact by the ministry promoter for this serving opportunity.

You will need to make sure you have completed Starting Point 101 and are an active member, and you have completed a volunteer application

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding membership or the volunteer application process. 

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