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Pastor Tony McVickers

Senior Pastor

Tony McVickers is the Senior Pastor of RockFish Church. He has a bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary and has been RockFish Church’s Director of Ministry for 10 years. His vocational history includes owning multiple business in which he never failed to keep the gospel message front and center.

Tony communicates in an energetic and witty style that will challenge you to take an honest (but often humorous) look at yourself through the lens of God’s Word. If his caring and candor can propels you toward being a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ, that will give him something big to celebrate.

He has been married to Kimberly for 20 plus years, and they have four children.

If he could choose a Star Wars character to be a part of his family, he would pick Yoda because he’s small and won’t eat too much. And he’ll never offer him anchovies, a despised food he thinks should be banned from the planet!

Pastor Dan Stanley

Pastor, Director of Outreach

Dan Stanley is one of the pastors at RockFish Church with his tenure beginning in 1994. Currently serving as Director of Outreach, he is developing regional, national and international teams to share the gospel. He holds a Ph.D. in both Christian Counseling Psychology and Church Growth, authored Transforming G.R.O.W.T.H, and is the founder of International Growth Institute.

His teaching style reveals his passion for leading others in life change so that Christians can become available, useful, and thriving followers of Jesus Christ fulfilling their designed destiny.

He and Jan married in 1976, have 3 children, and need more arms to hold their generous supply of grandchildren.

Dan has the unusual talent of falling asleep quickly. He is the undefeated champion in such contests with his daughter Nicki during her childhood.

Pastor Nathan Stanley

Pastor, Director of Spiritual Development

Nathan Stanley is one of the pastors at RockFish Church and the Director of Spiritual Development. He is a graduate of Newburgh Theological Seminary with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Leadership and has been in ministry for almost 3 decades. He has spent a large portion of that time working with youth and also served as a missionary from 2001-2003.

Nathan communicates in a relatable style that brings you alongside him as a fellow sojourner on the roads of life. He wants to bring hope through the message that Jesus loves you no matter where you are, but he also wants to equip you through ongoing growth and change.

Being married to Rachel and as the father of 10 children, life is never dull, and his most enjoyable moments are those he spends with his family.

If he conducted new staff orientation at RockFish, he would make sure to tell you the unwritten rule that you’ll need a Nerf gun.

Pastor Jeff Hoglen

Pastor, Anderson Creek Location

Jeff Hoglen is the Senior Pastor of RockFish Church Anderson Creek. He completed a Doctor of Ministry degree as well as having a Master of Arts in Christian Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling. His 20 plus years of ministry include church planting, oversight of 31 churches in the Philippines, and founding Open Arms International Ministries. He uses his leadership gift by providing web content on church planting and as a coach/trainer for The John Maxwell Team. Jeff is funny, caring, and vulnerable when teaching. His transparency makes him very approachable. He’ll unreservedly share any part of his life and learning so that people would know Jesus, grow in that relationship, and fulfill their God given purpose.

Together, Jeff and Tonya have celebrated 26 years of marriage, 3 children, and one grandson.

Although he considers himself an introvert, given the opportunity, he can perform karaoke with a crooner spin to just about any song.

Alan Keen

Director of Worship

Alan Keen is the Director of Worship at RockFish Church. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Kennesaw State University with a minor in music theory and voice. He was a Christian artist for 15 years, a solo artist, and has played guitar for several known bands in the music industry. He uses his experience to develop the RockFish Worship Team which, in turn, points people to Jesus through music. Alan also displays his passion for connecting people to God by developing song writers as well as writing & and co-writing songs to reach the hearts of this generation of believers.

His worship leading style is multifaceted, revealing a jovial guy who is at times raw and real, wanting to invite all to become undone in the presence of the King.

Alan and wife April have two daughters and have made North Carolina home for the last 8 years.

In the endless debate of over or under toilet paper, Alan firmly believes it’s under, because it’s easier to unroll in the middle of the night!

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