Starting Point

Rock 101

RockFish Church offers Starting Point every Sunday at both locations. This is the first step to becoming connected at RockFish Church. Whether you’re here for two months, two years, twenty years or more, it is essential that you get connected. This is your starting point.

Raeford Location

Sundays at 12:10PM in the Conference Room.

Anderson Creek Location

Sundays at 9:30AM in Building #2. 

Why Starting Point?

Do you feel disconnected, like you’re missing out on some of the deep, meaningful relationships that you sense you’re supposed to have? Missing a sense of community? You might have come to RockFish Church hoping to have those needs met, and it hasn’t happened yet. You’re starting to feel lost in the crowd. You come weekend after weekend, but never seem to build relationships that stick.

So you’re right back where you began: unconnected.

The reason you are feeling so disconnected is because God didn’t create us to go through life alone. He wired you with a burning passion to know others and to be known by them.

God designed a remedy for our chronic disconnectedness: the church. By its very true nature, the church is designed to be a place where you feel “safe” to open up your life to others. But that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly be connected by simply sitting in a weekend service.

Your first step to connectedness is to find out more about RockFish Church through Starting Point. Being a part of a church family is actually one of God’s purposes for your life. Through this class, you’ll connect to Jesus, grow in a deeper relationship with Him and other people in the RockFish family.

Starting Point Class

The first step to getting connected at RockFish Church is to attend Starting Point class Sundays at 12:10pm. This class happens every Sunday with a few exceptions. The Starting Point class is 4 weeks long, is rotating, and does not require registration. You can begin the classes in any order you like, so you can walk right in and get started.

If you have any questions about Starting Point, membership, serving, or any other questions, you can visit the contact page, can call the office, or email at

Some of the topics covered in Starting Point:



What RockFish believes about going to heaven and how you can know.


Core Values & Beliefs

What our core values, beliefs, and philosophies of ministry are.


Church Structure

How our organization is structured, and who makes the decisions



How to become a member at RockFish Church


Serving / Volunteering

How to serve / volunteer at RockFish Church


Serving / Volunteering

What’s next after Starting Point, and how to stay connected.

*You will need to complete all four weeks of Starting Point to become a member and be eligible to serve at RockFish.

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