What is a Gathering and why do we have them?

RockFish Church is missional in reaching others for Christ. Gatherings are designed to welcome and connect people curious about faith. We believe that inviting others to watch and experience a RockFish Church service with you is an easy and great way to create relationships, build community, worship together, and connect people to Christ.

What Are Gatherings

Simply put, Gatherings are groups that meet and participate together in the online worship experience. These groups encourage and support each other through online resources, prayer, fellowship, and interaction with their communities. Gatherings may be held in a home, community space, common area, or any number of other locations.

RockFish Church Gatherings are a great way to:

  • Grow personally
  • Help others connect and Grow in Christ
  • Enjoy Christ centered worship and fellowship
  • Build Christian connectivity within your community
  • Lay the foundation for a future church plant in your city

Expressions of RockFish Church

Gatherings are a terrific way to grow a Christian community within your community and can become a great foundation for an RFC Micro church, or RFC Church Plant.

Can Be Anywhere

Since Gatherings occur during RockFish Church live services or services on-demand, all you need is a space to gather and an internet connection to join RockFish Church Online or watch services on-demand.

Start Small, Grow Big

A Gathering can start as small as a single family but can grow as big as you are able to manage and plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to join or start a Gathering?

Anyone can join a Gathering. You do not have to be an active RockFish Church member. Simply click on Find a Gathering above to find one in your area to participate in.

In order to start a Gathering, you would need to be an active member of RockFish Church along with some other requirements. See below.

Can you help me find a Gathering to Join in my area?

Yes, simply click the “Find A Gathering” button above and fill out the custom fields to find a Gathering near you. We will contact you and help you find one. There are Gatherings forming all the time so even if you do not see one in your area now, there may be one in the future!

Where can I host a Gathering?

Wherever it works for you! Meet in your living room, backyard, park, favorite coffee shop, or even virtually with a group using Church Online. It is totally up to you!

Where do gatherings meet?

Gatherings meet in person and may be held in a host’s home, community space, coffee shop, community building, or any number of other locations.

When should I host a gathering?

Whenever it works for you! It could be during one of our live stream services at 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM Sunday, Wednesday 7:00 PM (EST), or on-demand anytime throughout the week from our YouTube Channel under the “Live” tab*.

*Our YouTube Channel and other on-demand services will not have Online Host participation.

Is a gathering a Small Group?

No. Where a Gathering has a similar feel to a small group, RockFish Groups are different in nature than a Gathering. Groups are designed to build each other up through community and discipleship outside of RockFish Church services. Gatherings meet and participate together in the online worship experience while encouraging and supporting each other.

Do I have to Bring anything to a Gathering?

Just bring yourself! Also feel free to bring a friend, your Bible, and note-taking materials. With each Gathering being different, some may fellowship before, or after with food or snacks.

Interested in
Starting A Gathering

RFC Gatherings are a terrific way to grow a Christian community within your community. Gatherings can become a great foundation for a RockFish Church micro church or even a RockFish Church plant. If you are interested in releasing the greater potential of a RockFish Church Gathering, fill out the form to get started. Training and qualification requirements include: