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The next RockFish Group cycle starts in February 2021

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“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Hebrews 13:16

Life is better together. When we courageously open our hearts to others, God often moves in amazing ways. When we gather, even in a small group, Jesus said that He would be there. Consider experiencing the presence and power of God by giving and receiving what God has for you and others in the context of a small group. Hosting a small group is an opportunity for growth and maturity in your life and the lives of others. Begin the next chapter of your spiritual journey today.

RockFish Groups work on quarterly cycles throughout the year. Every quarter you have an opportunity to join or host a RockFish Group. The suggested sessions run for 6-8 weeks.

Have you completed the RockFish church volunteer process and are willing to host a RockFish Group at your house, coffee shop, park, or wherever your interests might take you? Register to become a host and someone will contact you for your next steps to get started.

 “If you do nothing different but join a small group in the next year you cut your chance of dying in half. Because we need intimacy.”

– John Ortberg

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about RockFish Groups

Do I have to be a member to join a group?

Anyone can join a group. You do not have to be an active member of RockFish Church or be at a specific RockFish Church location.

Can you help me find a group?

Absolutely! Click the Join A Group link above or here to fill out the form on the Join A Group page. 

How do cycles/quarters work?

RockFish Groups work on quarterly cycles throughout the year. Every quarter you have an opportunity to join or host a RockFish Group. The suggested session run for 6-8 weeks.

Before the cycle/quarter starts, there will be open registration for those who want to host a group and then for people who want to join a group.

Can I join a group mid-cycle?

While it is possible to join a group after the quarter/cycle starts, you will have the best opportunity to connect with others, grow spiritually, and engage in the community by signing up for a group during the open groups registration. If you do still want to join a group after the cycle/quarter starts, visit the Join A Group page and complete the interest form.

What happens after the current cycle ends?

At the end of each cycle or quater, most groups will stop meeting. A few weeks before the start of the next cycle/quarter you will start to see information about when the next cycle/quarter starts. 

Where do groups meet?

Groups meet both online and in-person. Most groups meet in the group host’s home. However, many groups meeting in public places such as parks, coffee shops, restaurants, online, or at one of the RockFish church locations.

What kind of curriculum do groups use?

All RockFish Groups will have access to the church’s subscription for Right Now Media. Right Now Media has an ever growing library of video based bible studies and curriculum. Some groups may choose to go through a specific book or curriculum outside of Right Now Media. 

Do I have to buy anything to be in a group?

Most groups don’t require anything but your availability and commitment to engage with the group. Some groups may have a book or curriculum they may want to work through, or have paid resources as part of a project of special interest which you may be asked to purchase if you choose to connect with that group.

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